The Fullerton Hotel – Mooncakes

The main reason we look forward to Mid-Autumn Festival is that we get to eat Mooncakes! Mooncake Festival 2018 is on September the 24th. My boyfriend got me the prettiest set of Mooncakes from The Fullerton Hotel. My cockapoo Teddy was really excited he thought they were a box of treats for him. (I don’t think dogs can eat Mooncakes)

Teddy – Guardian of the Mooncakes

Its the Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s 90th anniversary this year and maybe thats why the box is especially beautiful. Its tiffany blue in colour with intricate oriental motifs on it. I love the cherry blossoms and the peacocks it just looks like a piece of art in itself and this box really stood out from all the other boxes of Mooncakes from other hotels. The box also comes in red.


It looks like a jewellery box and the golden knobs are pretty as well and when you open it the pull-out drawers are a lovely yellow colour that complements the tiffany blue perfectly.


All the mooncakes – with the exception of The Fullerton 15 Treasures that is made in-house – are crafted from original Fullerton recipes and certified halal. Executive Chinese Chef of Jade, Leong Chee Yeng, personally designed the emblematic Fullerton snowskin mooncake teardrop-shaped mould, which signifies ancient Chinese belt buckles that were considered to be a product of nobility and literati. They are very pretty and look like little pieces of (edible) art. And as a tribute to its home ast Mile Zero, the point from which all of Singapore was measured in road distances, they created a special edition Milo Dinosaur Snow Skin Mooncake. I love milo and wanted to try this first. It contains smooth milk lotus paste and crunchy milo pops. It was so good and tasty – definitely my favourite! One piece wasn’t enough.

Milo Dinosaur Snow Skin Mooncake


Another new flavour is the Yuzu with Chia Seeds Snow Skin Mooncake. Its really refreshing and light. The chia seeds complements the yuzu paste perfectly. Then there is the signature Pandan with Gula Melaka Snow Skin Mooncake. This was very sweet and I didn’t enjoy it as much as the rest.

Pandan with Gula Melaka Snow Skin Mooncake


A classic box of Mooncakes cost $61 and a premium box cost $73. Overall, the mooncakes were lovely with my favourite being the milo-flavoured one. And I’m definitely keeping the gorgeous box!


The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

1 Fullerton Square Singapore 049178

T: +6567338388



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