BRIX Dessert Bar (Siam Paragon)

So last week I went to Bangkok for an eating holiday and it was amazing!! It’s the first time I’ve gone back in 4 years. Thai food is my favorite and Thailand just has so many great restaurants and cafes! One of my favorite things in Bangkok is their dessert. There are so many cute dessert shops with a huge variety of cakes, ice creams etc. This time I tried a relatively new place BRIX Dessert Bar. Once I saw that they had pancake souffles I HAD to try it.


The cafe that I went to was in Siam Paragon which is my favorite mall in Bangkok. They literally have everything there. Great shops, restaurants even car showrooms it’s insane. So the cafe was quite small but looked cute and cosy. It was by the water feature they have in the mall and it was actually really nice to have dessert by the water (but in-doors without the heat).

pic 41.jpg

So of course I ordered the Hotto Keiki Original (170 B for the small one and 210 B for the bigger one) which I kind of guessed means hot cakes lol. I love pancakes and I love souffles, so pancake souffles have to be the best thing ever. The pancake looked amazing and came with a plate of sliced bananas, vanilla ice cream, crumble and maple syrup. It was actually the best thing ever. The pancake was so soft and fluffy and really felt like a souffle! It went so well with the bananas and ice cream. My only regret is that I didn’t get the larger one..

pic 45.jpg
Hotto Keiki

We also got the Lychee Raspberry Bingsu (240 B). It looked fabulous. The shaved ice was a pale baby pink colour and it came with lychees, deep pink raspberry sorbet and raspberry sauce. The waiter poured water over the dry ice surrounding the bingsu creating a dramatic mist display that was something else. The shaved ice was smooth, light and really delicious and the sorbet was sour and tasty. Once you made your way through the mountain of pink ice, you get another surprise – a generous portion of vanilla panna cotta! YUM. This dessert was so much fun!

pic 42.jpg
Lychee Raspberry Bingsu

Overall I loved BRIX Dessert Bar! The dessert we had looked beautiful, tasted amazing and the dry ice show was definitely entertaining and I can’t wait to go back for more. 8.5/10!

kenneths selfie.jpg

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