Platform 1094

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Slytherin Witch

Happy Halloween witches!! I finally went down to Platform 1094 for brunch after wanting to check it out for ages and its the perfect month to go being Halloween. I’m not one for themed cafes but a Harry Potter themed cafe is a brilliant idea and I don’t see how it wouldn’t be lots of fun and really popular. It’s located along 1094 Serangoon Road (hence the name) and opened by the people behind Fresh Fruits Lab and Elements the pastry connoisseur.

pic 63.jpg
Deer Patronus

The interior is simple and cosy with lots of dark wood and reminds you of a school (Hogwarts) canteen. There are posters and knick-knacks all over the cafe that does make you feel like you’re stepping into a little world of wizardry. The chairs had deer images on them which I’m guessing has something to do with the Harry’s deer patronus? I still found that a bit random though.

pic 57.jpg

There was also a large shelf in front with a whole array of Potter props like owls in cages, wands, pocket watches and glasses – that was a really cute touch! There was a spiral of Hogwarts letters hanging from the ceiling which I liked and wished they had done more of all over the cafe. In the corner of the cafe was a stand with all the different Hogwarts house cloaks and scarves to match which was a fantastic idea! My boyfriend grabbed the Griffindor cloak and I took the Slytherin one (not because I’m evil but because I like green lol). When we put them on it was hilarious! Loved it!!

wanted witch.jpg
Escaped from Azkaban to have Brunch

There was also a wanted wizard board that you could take pics with and that was the best prop- it was sooo cute! Everyone was waiting to take photos with it and having loads of fun. There were some hanging Halloween decorations which fit the theme well.

pic 58.jpg
Wall Art

There was also a wall with ‘The mystical world of Mr and Mrs Lich’ written on it which was quite pretty. I liked the decor but thought they could have gone a bit more crazy with it as it is a themed cafe and they are playing with the coolest theme ever- Harry Potter!

The water came in little gold cups which was a nice touch and the wooden board menus were really cute as well. We brought some of the props over to our table to have some fun with. But to be honest I wasn’t expecting much of the food as themed cafes usually are all style and no substance.

hot choc.JPG
Snitch Choco

I ordered the limited edition Snitch Choco ($9). It came looking fabulous all bubbly and topped with a pale yellow marshmallow snitch but it tasted bad. It was really diluted and I hardly tasted any chocolate at all. That was disappointing.

pic 60.jpg
Truffle Fries

For starters we had the Truffle Fries ($12) and the Carrot and Beetroot Soup ($9) which are both recommended dishes. The Truffle Fries were AMAZING. They were done just the way I like not too soft and soggy and not too crispy. And they were so tasty drizzled with truffle oil and went perfectly with the truffle mayo dipping sauce. I wasn’t expecting that!

pic 59.jpg
Carrot and Beetroot soup

The soup came in a small blue cauldron and the bread stick looked like a wand. The soup was light and creamy and was unexpectedly tasty as well.

pic 61.jpg
Crab Meat Aglio Olio

I had the Crab Meat Aglio Olio ($17) for my main, and it came with smoked salmon and flying fish roe tossed in beurre monte. I loved it- It was so well done! The smoked salmon was really good too and I love how they sprinkled the pasta with fish roe.

pic 62.jpg
The Goal’s Seeker

For dessert I had The Goal’s Seeker ($15) – a mango and milk chocolate mousse with vanilla sponge cake. I love the combi of mango and milk chocolate it’s usually always a hit. It came in this plastic bubble and on a stand. Again there was a pale coloured snitch on top. I was expecting a more elaborate design (and a bigger piece of cake) given the price. When I took a bite I was pleasantly surprised though, the chocolate was great and the fruitiness of the mango and light vanilla sponge balanced it perfectly and prevented the cake from being too heavy. And the snitch was made of yummy white chocolate. Though it looked small I was stuffed after having it!

kenneth selfie.jpg
The Potter glasses are his own

What was great about the cafe was that everyone seemed to be having so much fun there. Everyone was wearing cloaks, whipping wands about, putting on hats, taking loads of pics and laughing and it was just a really happy atmosphere!

selfie snapchat.jpg

Overall I think Platform 1094 is fantastic! The props are amazing and it was such a fun experience. The cafe only has good vibes as well and you would really enjoy your afternoon there. It is the best themed cafe I’ve ever been to. The food was such a surprise too- really well cooked and tasty! Much better than lots of other basic cafes. I honestly can’t wait to go back just for the food. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the hot chocolate. Also the prices are generally really reasonable considering you get to have so much fun and get quality food. All muggles should definitely try this out before Christmas! 9/10! X


Address: 1094 Serangoon Road, Singapore 328192

Telephone: 6204 6003

Opening hours:  Tues-Fri: 11am to 10pm, Sat-Sun: 10am to 11pm, closed on Mondays

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