Swiss chocolates

I LOVE chocolate (can’t go a day without it) and chocolate definitely makes the world a better place. My favourite is milk chocolate I’m not actually a fan of dark chocolate as I find it too bitter- too bad its the healthiest.

pic 67.jpg

So everyone says that Swiss chocolates are the best. I went to Switzerland over Christmas a week ago and got to do some serious research about that theory. And the best part is that Switzerland is especially renowned for its milk chocolate! Switzerland has various top chocolate brands and 3 of the top ones are Laderach, Favarger and Auer. I got some milk chocolate from each of the 3 shops and got down to the difficult task of tasting them.

pic 68
Laderach chocolate

The Laderach chocolate I got came in a cute 200g package of small bite-sized pieces and it had a chocolate content of 36%. Laderach has been known for top-quality chocolate since 1962, a relatively newer brand. It was so delicious really milky, creamy and tasty. The best chocolate I’ve tasted in awhile! I really liked the small fan-shaped pieces too.

pic 69.jpg
Favarger chocolate

The Favarger chocolate I got came in a 100g bar with a really pretty baby blue wrapper and it had a cacao content of 38%. Seven generations of the Favarger family have been making chocolate since 1826. I found this chocolate much richer and less creamy. It was still really good quality chocolate and if you like a richer stronger taste it would be perfect, but just not for me.

pic 70.jpg
Auer chocolate

The Auer chocolate I got came in a 150g bar which was carved with a nativity scene of a little child angel pulling a sleigh – very cute. There wasn’t any info of the cocoa content on the label for this bar though. Auer is one of the oldest chocolateries famous in Geneva and they opened way back in 1939. They offer more than 50 varieties of different chocolates. And their stores are exceptionally quaint looking and pretty. I found the chocolate really yummy with a perfect creamy sweet taste and an interesting twangy aftertaste. I would definitely go back for more!

Overall I loved the Laderach and the Auer chocolate and wasn’t too keen on the Favarger as it wasn’t creamy enough for me. You should definitely check out these three chocolate stores the next time you’re in Switzerland they have top quality products and a fantastic selection. They also make the prettiest gifts to someone special. Oh and is Swiss chocolate the best? Absolutely! X

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