Valentine treats

PIC 91.jpg
From my Valentine ❤

It’s Valentines day again, one of the best times of the year!! Whats there not to like about celebrating love and giving and receiving (especially receiving) chocolates, candy and cakes lol.

I love chocolates, cake and ice-cream. This Valentines Day my boyfriend got me a perfect mix- the petite red velvet ice cream cake from The Dark Gallery, a box of chocolate hearts from Laurent Bernard Chocolatier, oh and some really cute bright balloons.

PIC 90.jpg
Petite Red Velvet ice cream cake (melting fast)

I love red velvet cake but I’ve never actually tried red velvet ice cream cake but it has to be good! This Petite Red Velvet ice cream from The Dark Gallery is layered on top of a bed of dark chocolate cake and topped with chocolate glaze artisanal macarons and baked meringue. So sinful and so decadent!! It cost S$ 48 and it serves 2-4 people. The Dark Gallery is a relatively new shop in Takashimaya specialising in dark chocolate treats. They have cakes, ice cream cakes, chocolates, pastries and macarons. And everything looks so gorgeous!! They also have a sit-in area if you want to have your dessert there. This cake is particularly beautiful with pinks purples whites and dark chocolates – perfect for Valentines. It was almost a shame to cut into it and eat it. And when I actually did OMG it was amazing!! It was so creamy and rich and the red velvet ice-cream and chocolate was a perfect combi. I actually finished half the cake tonight lol. The macarons were really good as well. I would definitely recommend trying it if you are a red velvet fan! (who isn’t??)

PIC 92.jpg
Laurent Bernard Valentine’s chocolate box

The Laurent Bernard Valentine’s chocolate box retails at S$ 32 and my boyfriend got it from Takashimaya food hall. Laurent Bernard is known for their luxury chocolates and fabulous cakes, and there is a dine-in cafe at Robertson Quay. The box is a dreamy tiffany-blue colour with a white bow and a red interior – stunning! And the texture of the box is really cool. There are 6 pretty heart-shaped chocolates in the box, and you can pick and mix the various flavours to customize your box. The red hearts are strawberry milk chocolate filled with strawberry puree. The white hearts are passion fruit milk chocolate filled with passion fruit puree. The brown hearts are milk chocolate with almond filling. They also have dark chocolate, and white chocolate with a jasmine filling but I didn’t get those. I liked the strawberry and passion fruit chocolates – those were really fruity and yummy. I didn’t like the milk chocolate one at all though it wasn’t milky and I didn’t taste any almonds at all, plus it had a weird after-taste. Overall I wouldn’t say the chocolates were spectacular but I’m definitely keeping the lovely box.

My handsome Valentine ❤

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers! XXX



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