Valentine treats

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From my Valentine ❤

It’s Valentines day again, one of the best times of the year!! Whats there not to like about celebrating love and giving and receiving (especially receiving) chocolates, candy and cakes lol.

I love chocolates, cake and ice-cream. This Valentines Day my boyfriend got me a perfect mix- the petite red velvet ice cream cake from The Dark Gallery, a box of chocolate hearts from Laurent Bernard Chocolatier, oh and some really cute bright balloons.

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Petite Red Velvet ice cream cake (melting fast)

I love red velvet cake but I’ve never actually tried red velvet ice cream cake but it has to be good! This Petite Red Velvet ice cream from The Dark Gallery is layered on top of a bed of dark chocolate cake and topped with chocolate glaze artisanal macarons and baked meringue. So sinful and so decadent!! It cost S$ 48 and it serves 2-4 people. The Dark Gallery is a relatively new shop in Takashimaya specialising in dark chocolate treats. They have cakes, ice cream cakes, chocolates, pastries and macarons. And everything looks so gorgeous!! They also have a sit-in area if you want to have your dessert there. This cake is particularly beautiful with pinks purples whites and dark chocolates – perfect for Valentines. It was almost a shame to cut into it and eat it. And when I actually did OMG it was amazing!! It was so creamy and rich and the red velvet ice-cream and chocolate was a perfect combi. I actually finished half the cake tonight lol. The macarons were really good as well. I would definitely recommend trying it if you are a red velvet fan! (who isn’t??)

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Laurent Bernard Valentine’s chocolate box

The Laurent Bernard Valentine’s chocolate box retails at S$ 32 and my boyfriend got it from Takashimaya food hall. Laurent Bernard is known for their luxury chocolates and fabulous cakes, and there is a dine-in cafe at Robertson Quay. The box is a dreamy tiffany-blue colour with a white bow and a red interior – stunning! And the texture of the box is really cool. There are 6 pretty heart-shaped chocolates in the box, and you can pick and mix the various flavours to customize your box. The red hearts are strawberry milk chocolate filled with strawberry puree. The white hearts are passion fruit milk chocolate filled with passion fruit puree. The brown hearts are milk chocolate with almond filling. They also have dark chocolate, and white chocolate with a jasmine filling but I didn’t get those. I liked the strawberry and passion fruit chocolates – those were really fruity and yummy. I didn’t like the milk chocolate one at all though it wasn’t milky and I didn’t taste any almonds at all, plus it had a weird after-taste. Overall I wouldn’t say the chocolates were spectacular but I’m definitely keeping the lovely box.

My handsome Valentine ❤

Happy Valentine’s Day lovers! XXX




Swiss chocolates

I LOVE chocolate (can’t go a day without it) and chocolate definitely makes the world a better place. My favourite is milk chocolate I’m not actually a fan of dark chocolate as I find it too bitter- too bad its the healthiest.

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So everyone says that Swiss chocolates are the best. I went to Switzerland over Christmas a week ago and got to do some serious research about that theory. And the best part is that Switzerland is especially renowned for its milk chocolate! Switzerland has various top chocolate brands and 3 of the top ones are Laderach, Favarger and Auer. I got some milk chocolate from each of the 3 shops and got down to the difficult task of tasting them.

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Laderach chocolate

The Laderach chocolate I got came in a cute 200g package of small bite-sized pieces and it had a chocolate content of 36%. Laderach has been known for top-quality chocolate since 1962, a relatively newer brand. It was so delicious really milky, creamy and tasty. The best chocolate I’ve tasted in awhile! I really liked the small fan-shaped pieces too.

pic 69.jpg
Favarger chocolate

The Favarger chocolate I got came in a 100g bar with a really pretty baby blue wrapper and it had a cacao content of 38%. Seven generations of the Favarger family have been making chocolate since 1826. I found this chocolate much richer and less creamy. It was still really good quality chocolate and if you like a richer stronger taste it would be perfect, but just not for me.

pic 70.jpg
Auer chocolate

The Auer chocolate I got came in a 150g bar which was carved with a nativity scene of a little child angel pulling a sleigh – very cute. There wasn’t any info of the cocoa content on the label for this bar though. Auer is one of the oldest chocolateries famous in Geneva and they opened way back in 1939. They offer more than 50 varieties of different chocolates. And their stores are exceptionally quaint looking and pretty. I found the chocolate really yummy with a perfect creamy sweet taste and an interesting twangy aftertaste. I would definitely go back for more!

Overall I loved the Laderach and the Auer chocolate and wasn’t too keen on the Favarger as it wasn’t creamy enough for me. You should definitely check out these three chocolate stores the next time you’re in Switzerland they have top quality products and a fantastic selection. They also make the prettiest gifts to someone special. Oh and is Swiss chocolate the best? Absolutely! X


Platform 1094

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Slytherin Witch

Happy Halloween witches!! I finally went down to Platform 1094 for brunch after wanting to check it out for ages and its the perfect month to go being Halloween. I’m not one for themed cafes but a Harry Potter themed cafe is a brilliant idea and I don’t see how it wouldn’t be lots of fun and really popular. It’s located along 1094 Serangoon Road (hence the name) and opened by the people behind Fresh Fruits Lab and Elements the pastry connoisseur.

pic 63.jpg
Deer Patronus

The interior is simple and cosy with lots of dark wood and reminds you of a school (Hogwarts) canteen. There are posters and knick-knacks all over the cafe that does make you feel like you’re stepping into a little world of wizardry. The chairs had deer images on them which I’m guessing has something to do with the Harry’s deer patronus? I still found that a bit random though.

pic 57.jpg

There was also a large shelf in front with a whole array of Potter props like owls in cages, wands, pocket watches and glasses – that was a really cute touch! There was a spiral of Hogwarts letters hanging from the ceiling which I liked and wished they had done more of all over the cafe. In the corner of the cafe was a stand with all the different Hogwarts house cloaks and scarves to match which was a fantastic idea! My boyfriend grabbed the Griffindor cloak and I took the Slytherin one (not because I’m evil but because I like green lol). When we put them on it was hilarious! Loved it!!

wanted witch.jpg
Escaped from Azkaban to have Brunch

There was also a wanted wizard board that you could take pics with and that was the best prop- it was sooo cute! Everyone was waiting to take photos with it and having loads of fun. There were some hanging Halloween decorations which fit the theme well.

pic 58.jpg
Wall Art

There was also a wall with ‘The mystical world of Mr and Mrs Lich’ written on it which was quite pretty. I liked the decor but thought they could have gone a bit more crazy with it as it is a themed cafe and they are playing with the coolest theme ever- Harry Potter!

The water came in little gold cups which was a nice touch and the wooden board menus were really cute as well. We brought some of the props over to our table to have some fun with. But to be honest I wasn’t expecting much of the food as themed cafes usually are all style and no substance.

hot choc.JPG
Snitch Choco

I ordered the limited edition Snitch Choco ($9). It came looking fabulous all bubbly and topped with a pale yellow marshmallow snitch but it tasted bad. It was really diluted and I hardly tasted any chocolate at all. That was disappointing.

pic 60.jpg
Truffle Fries

For starters we had the Truffle Fries ($12) and the Carrot and Beetroot Soup ($9) which are both recommended dishes. The Truffle Fries were AMAZING. They were done just the way I like not too soft and soggy and not too crispy. And they were so tasty drizzled with truffle oil and went perfectly with the truffle mayo dipping sauce. I wasn’t expecting that!

pic 59.jpg
Carrot and Beetroot soup

The soup came in a small blue cauldron and the bread stick looked like a wand. The soup was light and creamy and was unexpectedly tasty as well.

pic 61.jpg
Crab Meat Aglio Olio

I had the Crab Meat Aglio Olio ($17) for my main, and it came with smoked salmon and flying fish roe tossed in beurre monte. I loved it- It was so well done! The smoked salmon was really good too and I love how they sprinkled the pasta with fish roe.

pic 62.jpg
The Goal’s Seeker

For dessert I had The Goal’s Seeker ($15) – a mango and milk chocolate mousse with vanilla sponge cake. I love the combi of mango and milk chocolate it’s usually always a hit. It came in this plastic bubble and on a stand. Again there was a pale coloured snitch on top. I was expecting a more elaborate design (and a bigger piece of cake) given the price. When I took a bite I was pleasantly surprised though, the chocolate was great and the fruitiness of the mango and light vanilla sponge balanced it perfectly and prevented the cake from being too heavy. And the snitch was made of yummy white chocolate. Though it looked small I was stuffed after having it!

kenneth selfie.jpg
The Potter glasses are his own

What was great about the cafe was that everyone seemed to be having so much fun there. Everyone was wearing cloaks, whipping wands about, putting on hats, taking loads of pics and laughing and it was just a really happy atmosphere!

selfie snapchat.jpg

Overall I think Platform 1094 is fantastic! The props are amazing and it was such a fun experience. The cafe only has good vibes as well and you would really enjoy your afternoon there. It is the best themed cafe I’ve ever been to. The food was such a surprise too- really well cooked and tasty! Much better than lots of other basic cafes. I honestly can’t wait to go back just for the food. The only thing I didn’t enjoy was the hot chocolate. Also the prices are generally really reasonable considering you get to have so much fun and get quality food. All muggles should definitely try this out before Christmas! 9/10! X


Address: 1094 Serangoon Road, Singapore 328192

Telephone: 6204 6003

Opening hours:  Tues-Fri: 11am to 10pm, Sat-Sun: 10am to 11pm, closed on Mondays


BRIX Dessert Bar (Siam Paragon)

So last week I went to Bangkok for an eating holiday and it was amazing!! It’s the first time I’ve gone back in 4 years. Thai food is my favorite and Thailand just has so many great restaurants and cafes! One of my favorite things in Bangkok is their dessert. There are so many cute dessert shops with a huge variety of cakes, ice creams etc. This time I tried a relatively new place BRIX Dessert Bar. Once I saw that they had pancake souffles I HAD to try it.


The cafe that I went to was in Siam Paragon which is my favorite mall in Bangkok. They literally have everything there. Great shops, restaurants even car showrooms it’s insane. So the cafe was quite small but looked cute and cosy. It was by the water feature they have in the mall and it was actually really nice to have dessert by the water (but in-doors without the heat).

pic 41.jpg

So of course I ordered the Hotto Keiki Original (170 B for the small one and 210 B for the bigger one) which I kind of guessed means hot cakes lol. I love pancakes and I love souffles, so pancake souffles have to be the best thing ever. The pancake looked amazing and came with a plate of sliced bananas, vanilla ice cream, crumble and maple syrup. It was actually the best thing ever. The pancake was so soft and fluffy and really felt like a souffle! It went so well with the bananas and ice cream. My only regret is that I didn’t get the larger one..

pic 45.jpg
Hotto Keiki

We also got the Lychee Raspberry Bingsu (240 B). It looked fabulous. The shaved ice was a pale baby pink colour and it came with lychees, deep pink raspberry sorbet and raspberry sauce. The waiter poured water over the dry ice surrounding the bingsu creating a dramatic mist display that was something else. The shaved ice was smooth, light and really delicious and the sorbet was sour and tasty. Once you made your way through the mountain of pink ice, you get another surprise – a generous portion of vanilla panna cotta! YUM. This dessert was so much fun!

pic 42.jpg
Lychee Raspberry Bingsu

Overall I loved BRIX Dessert Bar! The dessert we had looked beautiful, tasted amazing and the dry ice show was definitely entertaining and I can’t wait to go back for more. 8.5/10!

kenneths selfie.jpg


Tolido’s Espresso Nook

I love brunch and the weekend just wouldn’t be complete without it! I finally tried Tolido’s Espresso Nook this week – I’ve been wanting to check them out for a while. A nook is a corner or recess, especially one offering seclusion or security. It has a very different meaning in the urban dictionary though, which I won’t be going into..

pic 33.jpg

The restaurant looked really cute and quaint from the outside. It’s really popular and there was a queue so we had to wait for 10 minutes which wasn’t too bad. There is an outdoor seating area but it was way too hot for me to sit outside.

pic 34.jpg

The interior of the restaurant is cosy and fun and the staff seem to be really happy and enjoy working there. The menu features a lot of dishes that have local influences. They are well known for their coffee and latte art done by Douglas Tan, the head barista and owner of the cafe. Given the crazy hot weather we ordered the ice-blended Bandung ($6) and the shaken ice lemon tea ($4) and they were both good and refreshing.

PIC 38.jpg

We had the rosti with smoked salmon ($20.90) and you can pair it with cheesy sausage ($14.90) or smoked bratwurst ($16.90) instead. It was crispy on the outside and soft and tasty once you took a bite. However the smoked salmon that came with dill wasn’t the freshest. It also came with a sunny side up egg. The dish was not bad, but nothing special.

PIC 40.jpg

We also had the Spagetti Vongole ($17). It was done al dente, the sauce was good and the rocket leaves complemented the pasta and white wine sauce perfectly. The clams however were a bit rubbery and felt over-cooked. It was good, but again not wow.

pic 36.jpg

For dessert we had the Pandan Pancakes ($11) which is one of the most popular dishes there. They looked really pretty and was a lovely shade of mint green. The pancakes also came with a generous scoop of vanilla ice-cream and Gula Melaka sauce which really complemented it perfectly.  (This really reminded me of the pandan Mooncake I had last week it also had Gula Melaka filling lol) They were real soft and fluffy, really well made and definitely lived up to the hype!

PIC 37.jpg

Overall, it was a good brunch and the atmosphere was really lively, definitely a fun way to start your day in the weekend. However the food wasn’t exactly to die for. I would probably only come back for the pancakes and not the mains. 6/10!


Block 462 Crawford Lane #01-63

Singapore 190462

Tel: 66480178

Opening hours: Tuesday to Thursday 9:30am – 7:00pm | Friday to Saturday 9:30am – 10:00pm | Sunday 9:00am – 6:30pm


Hokkaido Izakaya

This week I tried Hokkaido Izakaya at Wisma Atria. There are lots of Japanese restaurants in Wisma’s Japan Food Town but this one was the most crowded and everyone seemed to be having fun inside, so we decided to try it. An Izakaya is a type of informal Japanese pub where people go to drink and have some bites after work.


The interior is nice and casual, yet still vibey. The little cosy bar-counter at the entrance has a sort of chaotic charm. You actually do feel like you’re in an Izakaya in Japan. And it was packed on a weeknight so it must be doing really well.


One of the starters we had was the Hokkaido-Style Chicken Karaage ($8). The Chicken was perfectly done – nice and crispy on the outside and soft and juicy on the inside. Exactly how Karaage chicken should taste.

Hokkaido-Style Chicken Karage

Another starter we chose was the Deep Fried Chika Smelt Marinated with Sweet Vinegar Sauce ($8). Yup the name was a mouthful in itself. I really enjoyed this too. It was very tasty and soft (though some would prefer it crispier) and I would definitely order it again.

pic 27.jpg
Deep Fried Chika Smelt Marinated with Sweet Vinegar Sauce

The last starter we had was the Japanese Omelette ($10). The waiter covered it with a generous layer of butter at our table. It was fluffy, milky, and slightly sweet – very delicious! And I don’t even usually like omelettes.

pic 30.jpg
Japanese Omelette (infused with Hokkaido Milk)

For our mains, one of the dishes we had was the Tororo Soba ($13). The soba is made from Hokkaido buckwheat. The noodles were firm and springy, and the Tororo (grated mountain yam) had a nice gooey texture. However I felt the onsen tomago was slightly over-cooked as the yolk wasn’t runny.

pic 26.jpg
Tororo Soba

Another main we had was the Negitoro Rice Bowl ($15). Negitoro is one of my favourites! It came with a bowl of miso soup and jellyfish that tasted really good. The Negitoro was delicious and so fresh. It also had some pieces of tuna that were just as good. And the spring onions and the onsen tamago made the entire dish perfect. I’m definitely coming back for this.

pic 25.jpg
Negitoro Rice Bowl

Then last but not least we had the Wagyu Roasted Beef Rice Bowl ($19). It came with miso soup and jellyfish as well. The beef was nicely roasted to a medium doneness and sliced very thinly. The cream sauce that came with it complemented it nicely. However the sauce coating the rice was a bit too sweet for my liking.

pic 31.jpg
Wagyu Roasted Beef Rice Bowl

Overall, it was a really delicious and enjoyable meal, a great place to go with a group of friends! The food was great, the atmosphere fun and the prices were reasonable. 8/10!

pic 32
Ready for a feast! 

Japan Food Town @ Wisma Atria

435 Orchard Road #04-51

Singapore 238877

Tel: +65 6262 3461

Opening Times: Mon – Sat 11:30 – 15:30, 17:00 – 23:00 | Sun 11:00 – 15:00, 17:00 – 22:30


The Fullerton Hotel – Mooncakes

The main reason we look forward to Mid-Autumn Festival is that we get to eat Mooncakes! Mooncake Festival 2018 is on September the 24th. My boyfriend got me the prettiest set of Mooncakes from The Fullerton Hotel. My cockapoo Teddy was really excited he thought they were a box of treats for him. (I don’t think dogs can eat Mooncakes)

Teddy – Guardian of the Mooncakes

Its the Fullerton Hotel Singapore’s 90th anniversary this year and maybe thats why the box is especially beautiful. Its tiffany blue in colour with intricate oriental motifs on it. I love the cherry blossoms and the peacocks it just looks like a piece of art in itself and this box really stood out from all the other boxes of Mooncakes from other hotels. The box also comes in red.


It looks like a jewellery box and the golden knobs are pretty as well and when you open it the pull-out drawers are a lovely yellow colour that complements the tiffany blue perfectly.


All the mooncakes – with the exception of The Fullerton 15 Treasures that is made in-house – are crafted from original Fullerton recipes and certified halal. Executive Chinese Chef of Jade, Leong Chee Yeng, personally designed the emblematic Fullerton snowskin mooncake teardrop-shaped mould, which signifies ancient Chinese belt buckles that were considered to be a product of nobility and literati. They are very pretty and look like little pieces of (edible) art. And as a tribute to its home ast Mile Zero, the point from which all of Singapore was measured in road distances, they created a special edition Milo Dinosaur Snow Skin Mooncake. I love milo and wanted to try this first. It contains smooth milk lotus paste and crunchy milo pops. It was so good and tasty – definitely my favourite! One piece wasn’t enough.

Milo Dinosaur Snow Skin Mooncake


Another new flavour is the Yuzu with Chia Seeds Snow Skin Mooncake. Its really refreshing and light. The chia seeds complements the yuzu paste perfectly. Then there is the signature Pandan with Gula Melaka Snow Skin Mooncake. This was very sweet and I didn’t enjoy it as much as the rest.

Pandan with Gula Melaka Snow Skin Mooncake


A classic box of Mooncakes cost $61 and a premium box cost $73. Overall, the mooncakes were lovely with my favourite being the milo-flavoured one. And I’m definitely keeping the gorgeous box!


The Fullerton Hotel Singapore

1 Fullerton Square Singapore 049178

T: +6567338388




House of AnLi

House of AnLi at Tanglin Mall is a really gorgeous place and so different from anywhere else.

pic 1.jpg

To get into the Bistro you have to walk through their furniture shop specializing in premium European interior pieces. Everything is really pretty their rich wood furniture, stunning stoneware collections and lovely Belgian tapestries. They carry a range of high quality artisan brands.

pic 4.jpg

And if you have a furry friend you’re in for a treat- there are the most beautiful selection of Dog/Cat beds with pet accessories by premium brand Lord Lou. I really want to get one for my little one!

pic 2.jpg

The interior of the Bistro is really nice with lovely high ceilings and a laid-back vibe. You can either sit facing the lush greenery of Tanglin Road or enjoy facing the shop and decide what to take home with you. It was actually quite crowded on a Friday afternoon and seems to be doing well.

pic 12.jpg

Belgian born Anne-Jean Lietaer is the creative force behind House of AnLi interiors. And the food are all based on Anne-Jean’s family recipes and made with passion.

pic 13.jpg

For brunch I had the NZ Organic scrambled eggs on Sourdough bread ($9). I added mushrooms and smoked salmon as well. It was actually really really good. The bread had a great texture. The scrambled eggs were really creamy just the way I like them, the smoked salmon really tasty and the mushrooms that had a hint of vinegar were divine. I would definitely come back and have this again!

pic 10.jpg

We also had the Chicken Alfredo pasta ($28). It was Al Dente and the pieces of chicken were tasty. It was not bad but didn’t really stand out and I’m not sure if it was worth the price.

pic 11.jpg

Overall it was a really enjoyable brunch. The food was good, the ambience was lovely and the shop made the visit so much more fun. I would definitely go back both to eat and to pick up a few things from the shop. 7.5/10!


163 Tanglin Road

#03-17 Tanglin Mall

Singapore 247933

Opening hours- Sunday to Thursday: 9am — 6pm

Friday to Saturday: 9am — 9pm